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Shell Cove Lizard Is. Tourn Day 2


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Again day 2 started slow with no fish recorded on the first sked but a flurry of small fish started soon after. Moana III was first on the board for the day with a solid 500lb-er for angler Andrei Grigoriev. By the 3pm sked Spartacus was 5-5-3 for the day with smaller black marlin in the 150-200lb range including a double header. Then the bigger fish started to show up and in the last half hour of fishing, some big fish were tagged or still fighting.Hattitude, with Capt. Kim Andersen at the helm released one estimated at 800lb. John Hendry on Shaka sent me this picture of Hattitude in action on a fish earlier in the afternoon that they lost. Its something to see a 65ft Hatteras going backwards like that.Hart Throb hooked up at just a few minutes to go before cease fishing and successfully tagged an 800lb-er as well for Chris Hart, one of two for the day. Capt. Corey on Askari likewise hooked up just before cease fishing but it wasn’t until about 3 hours later that we heard his call on the radio to report the successful tag and release of another 1000lb black marlin at Number 2 Ribbon Reef.While Spartacus took out Champion Boat for the day, its Top Shot who have now taken the lead also with 3 fish on day 2 (to 300lb) to take their total so far to 4. In second place is Castille from Spartacus, Joe Joe and Hattitude on countback with 3 tags.– Outside the tournament, Cool Runnings released an 180lb-er south of Linden Bank for angler Karen who was still smiling hours later. Also at Linden Bank, Capt. Adam is back from his overseas trip and on Iona II and released a 150lb-er and missed another two including one that Adam said was way over the scale. On Sunday Adam was back at his favourite spot, the Bus Stop, where they released three massive whalers on 50lb standup.Tradition fished north at Hicks Reef releasing this one he called 550lb.And on the Sunshine Coast, Capt. Robert Smith on Triton IV has reported his first juvenile black marlin of the season at the top of Fraser Island.Greetings to the good fisherman of Phuket, Capt. Hook from Alan on Reel Chase!

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