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Shell Cove Lizard Is. Tourn Day 3 (updated)


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Another great photo of a team in action this time on Day 3 of the competition from Muzza on Calypso which shows KEKOA backing down on their first fish for Day 3 estimated at 900lbs for angler Jason Hassett from Melbourne. Its was a good short fight for Jason who has had his share of much longer battles (in 2008 he fought for a fish for 7 hours that Capt. Luke estimated at well over the mark before the line parted ways.) KEKOA finished with two for the day for the tournament (900 & 400) and added another (250) to their personal tally just after cease fishing. Calypso also released two nearby bringing their total to three.Also in the big fish on Day 3, again, Hattitude released a 1,000lb-er for owner/angler Mike Dobbins. Joe Joe fought a monster through cease fishing once again and reported this morning that it was another grander, the second for the team this comp! And Castille III got back into the action with this 700lb-er for Parke. Parke’s 700lb black marlin on Castille on Day three, you can see LIzard Island behind on the right. In all, there were 21 black marlin tagged on Day 3. Some more big fish amongst the mix which is very good to see.Taking the lead is the team on Spartacus with 5 tags adding one fish to their tally on Day 3 leading from Joe Joe also on 5 now on countback. They are followed by Top Shot on four fish and Hattitude, Castille III and Mai Tai also on 4 in countback order.Very important, the fleet needs your help. Australian citizens please consider urgently joining the Australian Lifestyle and Fishing Party. We need 70 more members within the next week to ensure we have a voice. Please read here for more details from Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association President Dan McCarthy. — Outside the tournament, Iona 2 has kept on big fish alert (original Iona is fishing the tournament with Capt. Trent and released one yesterday). Capt. Adam recorded his second grander on the new boat at Linden Bank (photo left – a video still) with a fish they called 1100lbs released. They also released a smaller fish at 350lb and jumped 4 off, had another one up and jumped a sailfish off!On Tradition, the crew fish is running red hot as well. Fishing north of Jewell, they saw 7, had double header of 120lb dogtooth and a marlin on the 50lb pitch bait – the doggie stole the scad form the marlin on the camera. Later, they pulled off one about 700 or so and let one go about 900 on top of Jewell just before dark.

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