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Shell Cove Lizard Is. Tourn Day 6 (Updated)


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Captain Chris “Sharky” Miles staged another come from behind burst on Day 6 to jump to the lead. He added four tags on Day 6 (100, 400, 600, 850) to bring Mauna Kea’s total to 10 with one day to go also rocketing his angler, Daryl Mosley to the front in the Champion Male Angler category as well. Spartacus added another big fish (850lb) to bring their total to 9 and in clear second place. Behind them on 8 are Joe Joe, Viking and Hart Throb on countback in that order. But the story of the day belonged to KEKOA who not only called in the first fish of the day, but called it big. Capt. Luke calling it a massive 1200lbs for angler John Wildberger. The boys on KEKOA are enjoying some big fish action this week with four fish over 800lb in the last four days.Click on the picture on the left to go to the YouTube video of the fish. (Edit – this is the actual footage. It has now replaced the original iPhone video copy.) Awesome stuff!Some more notable fish on Day 6 included this one (below right 850lbs) for Jeff Murphy on Reel Chase which was one of a group of fish tailing downsea in the notably rougher swells. All three boats in the area hooked up within minutes of each other, us, Calypso and Mauna Kea. Calypso released one yesterday (500lbs) and are still in the running with 6 tags for the tournament thus far. On Reel Chase; Alan’s fish charges toward the boat (500lb) and Jeff’s on the leader (850lb) Tough luck to the boys on Iona who were 2 from 4 and congratulations to the team on Dealne who got on the scoreboard yesterday with two fish at 300 and 350lbs.The rough weather has brought the tailing fish in once again. It will be interesting to see what today brings – the final day of the 2009 Shell Cove Lizard Island Black Marlin classic (Halloween themed fancy dress at the presentation tonight, I’ll try and get photos of that too).And lastly, Capt. Ashley Wallis on Kalira sent me these video stills from their giant black marlin on Day 5 – 1050lbs. I’ll have to check with Ashley but I think this may be the first grander for the new boat. Congratulations guys awesome fish! Kalira’s 1050lb black marlin from Day 5, Thursday on the leader.

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