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Shell Cove Lizard Is. Tourn Final Results (Updated)


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Photo of the team on Castille III who may have taken out Champion Fancy Dress, just pipping the team on Spartacus. Or perhaps the other way around! Congratulations to the team on board Mauna Kea who took out Champion Boat with 11 tags from Spartacus on 9 tags and Joe Joe on 8. There were 10 ‘granders’ successfully tagged and released and quite a number of big battles. Kanahoee released the final grander of the tournament at 30 minutes to cease fishing on Day 7. Joe Joe released two at 1100lb and KEKOA released the largest at 1200lb (below). In total, 125 black marlin were released. Daily winners:Day 1 – Three tags, CastilleDay 2 – Three tags, SpartacusDay 3 – Three tags, Mauna KeaDay 4 – Three tags, Hart ThrobDay 5 – Three tags, KaizenDay 6 – Four tags, Mauna KeaDay 7 – One tag, WatchdogChampion Male Angler was Daryl Mosley on board Mauna Kea with 11 tags with Mike Dobbins on Hattitude runner up with 7 tags. The Champion Female Angler Karen Weaver on Maitai with 2 tags. Stills from the video of KEKOA’s big fish on Day 6. The video in full of the 1200lb-er is online now here . Outside the tournament, there are also still being big fish being caught. On the other end of the reef at Linden Bank on Saturday, Cool Runnings released an estimated 1100lb-er as well!—And on the Gold Coast, TowCam’s John Faulkner released a 400lb blue marlin on his boat Five Star yesterday for Bruce Keown – and go vision of both the switch and strike on both towcams. Another balmy day out wide down there while we are rocking and rolling up here.

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