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Yes there is a response


This post was imported into WordPress from my old Black Marlin Fishing Blog website without any accompanying photos. If you’d like to see the original post, with the accompanying photographs, go to the original Black Marlin Fishing Blog site and navigate to the post using the archive navigation links on the right-hand-side.

In case anyone is wondering (and I should point out at this stage that no-one has actually enquired to me as to why, so I think that may also be a figment of his imagination) I will offer a brief explanation:

I included him on the blog in 2008 because I was afraid of him. I took him off for the same reason in 2009. For the record, I’m still afraid.

As most will know, he has a history of physically assaulting other members of the fleet, and, again in 2009, he is employing tactics to intimidate and threaten other boats on the water with his vessel. He blames/excuses his actions on severe mental illness, yet continues to operate via threats and intimidation without checking.

His claims are entirely untrue and unsubstantiated and legal action has been taken.

The vast majority of members of our professional fleet are a credit to the industry and a pleasure to fish with and alongside. I will continue to support these professional crews and to promote this amazing fishery through MY website with their support.

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