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While the fishing during the tournament last week seemed to be on at the top of the reef, this week the action seems to be down south with many of the fleet making their way to or already fishing the Bank. The big blue boat, Ultimate Lady fished Linden Bank yesterday releasing their first Cairns black marlin of the season 2009 – an active 750lb-er who tried to remove some of their brand new paintwork after an almost two month refit! Iona 2 with Adam back on board seems almost to be a permanent fixture on the southern end of the Bank at the Bus Stop. Adam tells me he’s having the time of his life going three from 4 yesterday (to 550lbs). The day before he saw 8 fish and got bites out of three including one in the monster category.Also fishing the Bank Tradition got in on the act and released two fish at 200 and 900lbs – picture from video on left below. Same result though different location, KEKOA also finished the day with two fish Tuesday, also 200 and 900lb for angler Eric from New Caledonia fishing down from Number 3 Ribbon to end at Ruby Reef overnight. Another still from the video of Erics fish on right. I spoke to Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso who reported slightly slower fishing since the comp, averaging a fish a day. Capt. Tim is making his way south from the middle. I also spoke to Capt. Ross Finlayson on Top Shot who reported just a couple of bites Wednesday including a double header from a big girl and a smaller fish, with 3 from 5 on Tuesday at Number 8 Ribbon. Also fishing up on Number 9, I received this picture from John on Shaka. John reports the fishing has been mostly smaller fish for the Shaka team for the last week or so but they are getting bigger.John released this one at 450-5000lb that crashed on the big bait at the top of Number 9.Up the very top, Castille III released another sailfish – there have been a few around this year. In the middle Capt. Peter B. on Sea Baby IV released one about 450lb and lost another in the 750lb range.

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