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A blast from the past


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Tainuii backing down on their big-for-an-850lber! It was like stepping through a time warp at Linden Bank yesterday. As we arrived the beautifully restored Tanuiii was backing up hard on a good fish. This boat was built and operated more than 25 years ago by the legendary Capt. Bill “Eagle” Edwards and was the super gameboat of the mid ’80’s. And here it was providing a display for all the other gameboats fishing the Bus Stop as they went on to tag and release a total of four marlin for the day at 950, 750, 850 and 450lbs for anglers Al and Gary with Capt. Pete Kirkby and Matt on the deck.Luckily for the rest of us, we managed to pick up a few dregs, with Capt. Kim on New Moon releasing two smaller fish and on Reel Chase we also released this 350lb-er (below left) for angler Daryl. It was Daryl’s first marlin but certainly not his last! He was over the moon to catch it, but not as relieved as his wife ;-)Later, as we were leaving to head back into Cairns at 4pm, Joe Joe hooked up a big fish on 50lb that Capt. Barry called over 1000lb – their third over 1000lb in two weeks I believe – and they also released a smaller fish as well. At the northern end of the Bank, Capt. Luke on KEKOA went one from two at 200lbs. Capt. Luke reports he marked a lot of fish there yesterday which is a good sign. They made their way down from Escape Reef where they met with the sea plane earlier in the morning delivering their other angler to the boat. Another blast from the past and not something you see too much anymore. Capt. Luke tells me that Capt. Darren on Allure also released at least two, Iona caught one and Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso released a nice fish at 600lb and yet another sailfish! Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition had his day with the rubber hooks seeing 8 fish and getting bites out of three with no conversions.On Number 4 Ribbon, Capt. Dan on Moana III finished the trip with a 450lb-er while Capt. Tim Ryan on Reel Ripe released another fish in the 900lb range. Capt. Craig “Sparrow” Denham, who is driving Wild Turkey released one at 600lb.At Fraser:Meanwhile Capt. Ross McCubbin reports that back at Fraser Island, Grant, the new owner of the ex-Fascination Riviera 48 Express, has christened his new boat with four blues released in two days (to 600lb) missing another one estimated over 800lbs at the back of the boat and losing a couple of bigger blacks as well. There are large schools of pilchards throughout the area.Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party Update:And thank you to Mark for asking for an update on how we went with membership for the Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party. Capt. Dan tells us that of the additional 70 members we needed, we got 600(!) membership applications which have been submitted to the electoral commission. Because we were granted an extension to the deadline, the commission now needs to call a sample (50) of these applications to check that all is well. Then everything should be up and running. Thank you to all for your overwhelming support!

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