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Spectator Saturday


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Ultimate Lady found some shelter from the worst of the weather at Day Reef yesterday going two from two at 350 and 600lbs. In the middle, Tradition dropped an 800lb-er after 20 minutes and missed one another one that Capt. Tim said was bigger than any he’d seen in a long time. At Linden Stadium, boats circled each other marking fish but it wasn’t until after 3pm that the action really started. Joe Joe, finishing up their trip with Dougy for 2009 hooking up another solid 600lb-er and fighting fore 20 minutes before the line parted and ending the day with the one fish at 120lbs. Dreamcatcher fought another decent sized fish in the same area and Iona came into Port for changeover last night ending up their trip with just the one at 200lbs. But what a trip, Capt. Trent and team ending the 6 days with 14 released, the biggest at 850lbs and including two other bites out of real nice fish. Allure is in for changeover as well. Will update once I’ve had the chance to catch up with them.Photo: Love on the reef. Dingo wishing his future bride a happy day. Happy Birthday Beth from the rest of us too!

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