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Mid sized flurry


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A flurry of mid-sized fish Wednesday. Capt. Ash Wallis on Kalira released two at Linden Bank at 300 and 400lbs. Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso released one at 500lbs for angler Jeff Rankin. Capt. Tim said it was a great fish and went hard for a mid ranger. Capt. Luke on KEKOA released a 600lb-er early in the day and dropped a smaller fish at the back of the boat in the afternoon. On Opal Ridge, Capt. Tim Ryan on Reel Ripe also released one at 400lbs.And, in flurry of activity after 5pm, Capt. Dan on Moana III released two at 800 and 450lbs between Anderson and Escape Reefs. I didn’t get any updates from up the reef on Kaizen who fished Number 10 Ribbon and had gone one from two earlier in the day (or Askari Bob sorry!)

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