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The short report (updated – it got longer!)


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If anyone is wondering where the marlin fleet is today, I know. They are anchored at Opal Reef. I count 17 boats including the couple already out bait fishing.Unfortunately the fishing didn’t turn it on yesterday for those fishing the ridge up to Linden Bank – although the rain certainly kept things interesting. Watchdog released one estimated at 250lbs for very happy angler Steve, his first marlin. Capt. Darren Haydon on Allure who had the same day as the rest of the southern fleet Thursday had a better day Wednesday hooking two from four for his angler on 50lb and fighting an 800lb-er until the lines parted. Capt. Darren tells me that Capt. Chris Miles on Mauna Kea is fishing with Mike Lovett on board – ultra light tackle and had a couple of bites yesterday.Further north on Escape KEKOA also released a smaller fish. In the middle, Captain Peter B Wright on Sea Baby went one from two on 30lbs. I also heard from Shane who’s back on board Askari. The boys have spent the last 10 days after the Lizard Island Tournament fishing inshore and crabbing and reached a new milstone of catching 25 different species of fish in one day! On the heavy tackle fishing side, yesterday they went two from two on Number 4 Ribbon. One fish at 300lbs and the other at 1100lbs+. A good mate of Shane’s from Sydney fishing his first day on the GBR lands a Grander! Gongrats guys!

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