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The long report


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Sit down and grab a coffee, this is going to be a long one!A very promising day at Linden Bank came true for Iona II, but for the rest of us, it was all anticipation but no result – marking lots of bait and lots of fish in the area but raising little. Still, after watching Adam fight two good fish including a 800lb-er for John and this big one (below) that Capt. Adam called 1050lb for Norm, we’re keen to get out there again today. Both John and Noel from Newcastle are new to marlin fishing but something tells me they’re hooked now! Two pictures of Noels fish at 1050lbs on Iona 2 Tuesday. Also nearby, Capt. Kim on New Moon caught a very nice one that he called 900lb ( below left) for angler Jason Carter from Townsville and had another bite while Capt. Darren on Allure released a smaller one in the morning as well. Photo from Ben of New Moon’s 900lb-er and one I took of Iona 2’s 800lb-er for John. Capt. Tom on Ultimate Lady went for a wander out wide and ended up with three good fish including two big ones at 950 and 900lb and a 400lb blue! Starting about 30nm east of Fin Reef, just outside the GBRMPA line trolling north outside the green zone they ended their day wide of Norman Reef where we spent the night in the glass calm conditions.At Jenny Louise, Shaka released one about 300lbs and jumped off another around 500lb.Up at Number 10, Capt. Dean on Castille III reports loosing a big fish after 10 minutes when the hooks pulled while Capt. Trent on Iona (original) released one at 900lbs. Trent has Ian and James Bladin on board this week. Its good to see them both back on the reef. Capt. Dean also told us that although Iceman had a quiet day yesterday, Capt. Bob enjoyed a successful double header the previous day including his biggest fish of this season.I had a chance yesterday to speak to Capt. Haydon Bell on the Release. We’d been hearing chinese whispers of his good fishing from time to time but yesterday I was able to confirm it’s all true! In his last trip alone (which ended in Cooktown for changeover yesterday afternoon) fishing up the top they released 11 in 8 days fishing with 4 over the 900lb mark! Awesome stuff!I also caught up with Capt. Chris (Sharky) on Mauna Kea after his trip with light tackle specialist Mike Levitt which ended Monday. In the 7 days they teased 15 fish and had 7 on of record class (fishing 4 & 8lb) including an estimated 800lb-er they fought for 2 and a half hours. They managed to get the double out of the water before the lines parted.

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