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Inside v Outside (Updated)


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With the fantastic flat glass calm conditions, the wander urge hit big time yesterday with a number of boats heading east after Ultimate Lady’s report. While back at the Bank, the dedicated stuck it out, marking fish and waiting for the bite.Those who went wide included Hattitude who caught a 600lb-er wide of Spur. And Capt. Kim on New Moon who left the Bank late morning heading for the Sea Mount released two on lures on the way and a further three on baits upon arrival going 5 from 6 on one of the best days all year. The team encountered Little Audrey on their way back in who reported a 850lb-er out there the day before and a 250lb on the way back in and missing another about 500lb.Meanwhile back at the Bank, on Reel Chase we played Russian Roulette with trailer boats all day waiting, waiting until after 5 o’clock we finally got a bite along with a couple of other boats. Luckily, ours was worth waiting for and 73 year old angler Julio landed his first ever grander after a solid 45 minute fight. This was one of the most spectacular bites and fights we’ve had all season which you’ll no doubt see more of. Ben was wearing his hatcam so we got some spectacular close-up footage which I’ve uploaded. Update: View the footage here. Filmstrip of stills from Ben’s hatcam footage of Julio’s est 1100lb black marlin on Reel Chase. And same from my fixed camera of Julio and crew in action on Reel Chase. Update: I’ve also just heard that Wild Turkey had a good day at the Bank yesterday as well with two big fish that Captain Tye called 850 and 1100lbs! Congrats guys!Nearby, KEKOA released two smaller fish and a 700lb tiger shark. And Ultimate Lady had the big one up early but didn’t hook up and broke off another good fish after a heartbreaking 7 and a half hour fight after dark last night.

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