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The last few days


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Updating for the last few days that I missed without my computer (though you’ll have seen some of the results in the comments):

Wednesday: Top Shot with Capt. Ross Finlayson got into the action at Linden Bank releasing a real nice fish that Ross estimated at 1000lb and getting a bit out of another in the 800lb range. I also heard from Capt. Dan Carlson on Little Audrey who have now left the Sea Mount and added three more to their tally on the last two days (2 blues and a black) bringing their total to 11 for the trip. Daniel says they also saw some whale sharks and a very lost humpback whale.

Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso found the late season fish in the middle Ribbon Reefs with another fish he called well over the 1000lb mark, the biggest he’s caught all year, as well as two more at 250 and 400lbs. The fishing was strong for other boats in the area as well.

Thursday: KEKOA found the fish at Myrmidon Reef although they couldn’t convert. From a double header they released one at 200lb and jumped off the bigger fish that Capt. Luke called 1100lbs. They Also jumped off a 400lb blue, 350lb black and raised another grander class black.

Friday: At Linden Bank Capt. Kim on New Moon went two from four at 800lbs and a sailfish as well. Back at Myrmidon, KEKOA kept the hooks in going three from five before running into Townsville. With the weather glamour this weekend, no doubt some of the Townsville GFC fleet will be out there getting in on some action themselves.

We’re heading out wide too so blogging will hopefully resume Monday when we are back in internet/phone range.

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