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Winding Down


Reports will start to wind down now as the season does too. Thank you to everyone for reading this year. Please stay tuned for periodic updates throughout the summer as well as the fishing moves down south. Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso fished Linden Bank Saturday going two from two at 700 and 300lbs. On Reel Chase we fished out to the Sea Mount and back for the last two days and came across a lot of marine life although not all the marlin action we’d hoped releasing one from three on Saturday and none from a few yesterday. We raised a number of fish, in particular a pod of 3 or 4, this big girl coming up on the teaser (shot below) at the same time both rods went off. But none of the bites stuck. We raised and got bites out of the fish again but they were just toying with the baits rather than seriously trying to eat.We also got some good underwater footage of other critters including wahoo and dolphin fish like the below.

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