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There was a bit of a lull in the fishing yesterday – perhaps quite expected – but still a few standouts. Capt. Dan on Moana III released another three from three, including another big fish at 950lbs, the others in the 250 and 450lb range.  That’s six in two days for the boys including a 950lb-er and the other that Dan put at 1100lb!  Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso released three from five bites at 250, 450 and 700lbs. Tim says they missed the bite from the big one and jumped off a sailfish to boot!

Jye on Cool Runnings back in Cairns on changeover tells me that on their weekend overnighter, they released one at 200lbs on Saturday and added a 200 and nice 800lb-er yesterday. Capt. Adam on Iona also released two around the 550lb mark for Texan Jim before getting the early mark in for changeover in Cairns. I snapped this picture of their first fish of the day from almost nearby and Rhino sent me some more pictures as well, below.

Capt. Ian Ford on Hot Shot reported another 600lb-er and Castille III also released another 200lb-er for Eddie.  And Capt. Trent on the other Iona added another small fish in the middle as well.

We finished up our trip with Jason and Scooter with 6 fish in the 6 days including the two 750 and 800lbs.  Jason’s happy to regain his title with the biggest fish of the trip.  More photos from the trip below.

Blue Marlin: I also had a report from Tim Hiscoe who has spent the last three days off Moreton Island on board Chris Herbert’s 54 Bertram ABSOLUTE. They fish Saturday for 3 nice blues from 4 bites with the best about 280kg (600lb) and the others about 150kg and 200. They also lost another around the 200kg mark. Sunday was really hot fishing with about 10 bites, but they only managed to convert 2 of them into tags. All were quality fish again with a couple pushing 300kg. Monday was bit quieter with 1 fish of 200kg from 3 bites finishing the trip with 6 blues released from 17 bites over 3 days on beautiful calm seas.  Tim reports it was stunning fishing by any account and with gorgeous weather it was just perfect!  Thanks Tim!


Did I miss anyone today?

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