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Sea Baby IV, 1177


I had a brief chat to Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles on Sea Baby IV this morning before they headed back out to chase the big girls.  Sharky gave me some awesome photos (below) from their recent trip from the helicopter taken as they fought an estimated 400lb-er for angler Warren Kienath they released on Saturday as well as a shot of the 1177lb-er weighed on Sunday.

Some more information about this fish which was Sharky’s first grander weighed in his 18 years fishing the reef (although he’s certainly released lots of big fish!) and was caught on a circle hook after a 20 minute fight: the measurements were 12 foot 1 inch short length, 6 foot 6 girth and 22.5 inch tail. Angler Eric “the Viking” has traveled the world chasing marlin and this is his fifth grander now.

Sharky tells me they did indeed have some very good fishing over those days the rest of us were fighting the Lizard Island Tournament which is quite typical really as Sharky always has a good Lizard Island Tournament whether he’s fishing it or not!!

Thanks Sharky – congratulations to you and Bevan and Daniel on deck and of course Eric ‘the Viking’. And to Steve for the helicopter pics!


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