We’re in town on a day off and I’m away from my computer so I’ll keep this brief and add the photos later. Just a few reports from Tuesday’s fishing which are: Calypso with one from two, a nice 750lb-er which Capt. Tim Dean said was a hot fish.  Their guests from Texas must be having an absolute ball already following up from their three to 700lb the day before. Hot Shot also had another nice solid 500lb-er on the Bank nearby.  Iona 2 did battle with the small fish with the one as well.  And Tradition also released a 300lb-er late at 6pm.  Capt. Tim Richardson said they also had some late bites on Monday jumping three off..all after 6 then as well!

There was a bit of rain out there yesterday and by the looks of it in here, a little more is on its way today!