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Reporting from port


After two days off and almost fully rested, we’re about to head back out into 20knots…awesome!  But on the actually awesome side, some big fish reports have been filtering in since last night.

At Lena Reef, Capt. Adam on Iona 2 added grander number 12 to the 2010 fleet tally with a fish they brought alongside after 7pm after fighting two and a half hours! (Picture above) Congrats to Adam and his Floridian angler!  Fishing Linden Bank, Capt. Sharky on Sea Baby IV‘s run of big fish continues with two fish including a 950lb-er for angler Mike and a 400lb-er for Brian.  And Capt. Corey Hard on Askari also released two including a big girl at 900lbs for Jeff and 350lb-er for Hardcore regular PC.  I know that Kim has been getting some more great footage but they are having internet troubles so we’ll have to wait to see that.

Although we haven’t heard too much from him, when we do hear, we can expect it to be good–Capt. Ross McCubbin on Cjig released a 950lb+ fish from two at the top.  Capt. Tim on Tradition also released a 300lb-er from what sounds like a quieter day in the middle.

Some catch up reports from Capt. Brett Thomas on Gorilla. They fished Escape Reef on Sunday/Monday and caught a 600lb-er Sunday and jumped two small ones off on Monday and raised really nice one that wouldn’t eat.  Also Capt. Tim Ryan on Joe Joe who released a 700lb-er and 800lb-er on Monday/Tuesday.

And a big thank you to the fleet from the guys on Dreamin’ On who have wound up the GBR leg of their world tour – although they will do some more giant black fishing as they head towards Townsville and target blue marlin at SEQ before their appointment with Dockwise for their trip back to the US early next year.  I got some stats from Capt. Simon Carossi who helped out on deck with Capt. Randy.  In 36 days fishing they released 30 black marlin including 2 at 700lb, 2 at 800lb and 2 over 900lb! Very impressive results.

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