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Another Achievement


I’ve put my video editing hat back on and put together a clip of Dougie’s 800lb-er on 50lb stand up on KEKOA above, complete with the moment when she tried to climb in the boat.

Wednesday on the reef…well I heard some funny ones.  Capt. Dan McCarthy on Moana III told me that there were a few boats booked in to the South Opal Reef movie theatre yesterday. Squally. Windy. Rainy. Lumpy.  Who could blame you if you decided to spent the day behind the reef watching movies instead of rolling around and getting wet on the edge.  Mistress did and Barry tells me [this time confirmed tongue in cheek ;-)] that its getting to a stage where they might need to report chopoffs.  Capt. Luke did and told me the highlight of their day was their two wahoo bites!

But another who stayed behind the reef probably had the best day of all.  Capt. Ash Wallis’ Kalira with Dave Cassar and James Conway, who are on deck for a very special trip with a very special young lady (more below), stayed behind the reef at South Opal due to the weather, and managed to catch 5, yes that’s 5, bonefish!  That’s quite an achievement for this part of the world. Capt. Luke tells me he’s never heard of anyone catching that many in a day on the east coast before!

The special young lady in question, Prue, at 15 years of age, is on board with the Make A Wish Foundation to hopefully achieve her dream of catching a giant black marlin.  While she has not encountered the best of weather or conditions thus far, there are still a couple of days left and our fingers and toes are all crossed that she can achieve her dream – she has a talented captain and talented crew, now all she needs is for the marlin and the weather to cooperate!

The word is that the marlin are out wide, now we just need the weather to cooperate to be able to fish out there for them.  Bring on the weekend!

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Saundra Symons
November 25, 2010 at 9:35 am

Great video. Music was perfect!!! I was wondering what happens to the lure or hook? I’m thinking there is know way you can unhook it from their mouth, so do they just travel along with it hooked in their mouth until they rust away?

November 26, 2010 at 10:19 am

If we can remove the hook we do but sometimes you do more harm than good by trying. They do tend to expel them though.

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