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Out Wide Again


Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso finished up his latest trip out wide yesterday (report via Capt. Luke).  They went out to Holmes Reef where they got stuck into the doggies and had three marlin bites on the way out, and three on the way in and caught a black and a blue – the black was the 800lb-er that I mentioned in yesterday’s tweet, caught on a lure near the sea mount, and jumped another couple off.  They also had a double header of sails out there but couldn’t stay connected.  Tim heads out again today finishing this trip further south as does Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition. Capt. Luke arrives into Townsville today and will depart again tonight with Sunshine Coasters Ross and Ashley joining them on board KEKOA for the rest of the trip down the coast.  Hopefully they can all get stuck into the blue marlin on the way down.

Here’s another video from team Hardcore from Askari’s final trip of the season out wide with Dave and Scott from Port Stephens as well as owner Shane on board.  Good stuff!

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