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BMFB: Weekly Sked Jan 25


Some good reports of fishing down south:

  • Capt. Dave Cassar on Slammer reported that the bite was pretty hot down at Bermagui over the weekend. Dave says there were fish caught from 08 all the way down to Tathra.  Dave went 2 from 4 striped marlin on Saturday with more raised and followed up with 1 from 1 on Sunday.Boats fishing the Bermagui BlueWater Classic, which ends today, have also been getting into the fish.  Day 1 (Saturday), Bill Collector sped to the lead with 6 on a day 39 fish were tagged amongst the 53 competing boats.  Bermagui Bait & Tackle’s Scotty Bradley says that a great deal more were raised but wouldn’t bite for the vast majority trolling lures.  Day 2 (Sunday) was a bit slower for the fleet with 23 tags.  Day 3 (Monday) the weather came through to put a dampener on things.
  • Off Port Stephens, Iona 2 went none from three on Saturday missing two blue marlin and a stripe and had another blue up. On Sunday, they redeemed themselves with two from two a blue (about 400lb) and a stripe. Rhino took some great pics again but I heard the camera got a bit wet in the action. I know how that feels!I also heard from Mickey Altmann down at Port who told me that Rob Curry’s Marquis (Botany Bay GFC) which is at Port for the next 4 weeks, went 8-8-4 over the weekend with 3 blues and 1 stripe.  Rob said that one of the blues they lost was a 350kg+ model.  And they got a wahoo which says something about the hot water. Interesting that more blues are being caught than stripes at the moment but probably due to the smoking south current.
  • On the Goldy, noone fished the weekend because of the weather, but we made it out on KEKOA yesterday for 0-3 (blues).  The bites were pretty ordinary, just bill whacking the lures before swimming off.  Even the dolphin fish bites were lame.  The current was smoking 2knots to the south here too. We’re out again later this week with some more of the fleet so hopefully the fish find their appetites again.
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