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I will be doing some server maintenance over the weekend which may disrupt the website – so if you visit the page and the website is down, please do come back later.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some pictures from fishing yesterday on the Gold Coast.  On KEKOA we went three from three blue marlin before lunch with the third a nice one nudging 500lbs.  After lunch, we raised another that wouldn’t bite and jumped another one off, and that was our day.

Its been a little patchy but usually there have been a few around for some. Yesterday was our day (as it was for Mistress on Monday) and another magic weather day on the water as well. (Those with the eagle eye might notice that Capt. Luke was on the wire for one of the fish – I got some time at the controls :-) )

[nggallery ID=16]

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