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BMFB: Weekly Sked Feb 1


Another quick weekly sked today after a windy weekend in the SEQ, there is not too much to report here:

  • But the Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club Classic 2011 starts with the briefing this Thursday. Lets hope that the cyclone does not affect fishing conditions.  W’re thinking of everyone back home in Townsville right now.
  • The Bermagui marlin bite has continued through the weekend. Capt. Dave Cassar tells me that Mr Hooker was 4 from 5, Assasino 3 from 4 and the local trailer boats were also catching them real good.
  • Glen Booth also gave me an update from the waters off the lovely Coffs Harbour.  Glen tells me that three boats fished the weekend, Wicked Weasel, Black and Blue and Matador in beautiful water, with a nice amount of current, flying fish and a few tuna. The marlin were very doughy though; they all had chances but the fish were just hitting the lures and vanishing (which is what we had up here early last week). The consolation prize was the heap of big dollies that were out there. The picture above was Glen’s biggest.
  • On a separate note, do you remember that tiny weeny little fish that the boys had convinced me was a marlin in a bucket at the end of last year?  Well Dr. Julian (Pepperell), who is the expert in all things billfish as you know, wrote up a Q&A on our little…squirrel fish (!)….for Trade A Boat magazine. You can see the scan here. Thanks Julian. But was really the boys you know… ;-)
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