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Two Tournies


Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Classic

No change in the leaders on the final day Saturday as the green water came through. Congrats to Fish Whisperer who took it out.

Lake Macquarie Big Fish Tournament (Swansea)

Day 1. There was a bit of a hot bite on at the carpark. Capt. Tim Dean took the lead with 4 marlin tags on Born Free. Brad Curtis on the 47 O’Brien Ningaloo had 3 tags before 9am and added another later – also on 4. Iona 2 weighed a 201lb (91.5kg) striped marlin in the capture section. Most boats caught fish and there were a number of spearfish tagged as well.

Day 2. Was a bit of a quieter day. Capt. Tim Dean and Born Free for the tournament added two more tags on Sunday to bring it home for his team in the Tag & Release section from Ningaloo.  On the capture side, Iona 2‘s blue marlin on 30lb on Saturday was enough to give them boat the Champion Boat Capture for the second year running (line class points) and Champion Female award to the angler Amanda Cromaty.  The heaviest marlin was a 126kg blue marlin to Time Out.

Just tentative results, if anyone has any more, please let me know.

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