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BMFB Weekly Sked: August 9 (Updated)


After a week of pretty blowy weather in the north, the next few days forecast is for glamour conditions. And so hopefully some of the fleet will be fishing and reporting back with more little black marlin releases.  The Yorkey’s Knob Light Tackle Slam, due to be held over the weekend, had been postponed to August 20th.

Square Bear braved the weather to fish on the weekend and raised two little blacks as well as catching a bunch more mackerel.  Tara reports that they boated 3 spotted mackerel and released 5 undersized Spanish.  On Saturday they raised a little black (20kg) that did not eat in the paddock.  On Sunday they caught 19 Spaniards and raised a 30+kg black on the long rigger but ended up pulling the hooks.

There have also been reports of a blue marlin on the Gold Coast, as well as more striped marlin seen, and yellowfin out wide.

On another note – technology moves fast (in the rest of the world – if not in Australia…the NBN will never reach the reef!) Starting today, are live streaming the White Marlin Open which runs August 8-12. Live streaming!! You can check it out via the link below – if you are in need of an office distraction today!

They also live stream a bunch of other tournaments, you can check it out on their website at

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