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Weekend Wrap-up (updated)


Well, it’s definitely not on fire, but there have been a few more reports of marlin and sailfish in the north in the last week or so as the light tackle season gets underway and the weather eases allowing boats to explore the grounds.

Off Townsville, Elektrakusen ventured to Bowling Green for the first time this season for a lone sailfish late last week.  Chris reports that there is bait on the northern grounds and that Townsville Bulletin fishing newsman Eddie Riddle has reportedly raised a couple of blacks there in the last week.  Further to the north off Lucinda, local legend Peter “Mutta” Mammino has reportedly been raising a few around the reefs, tagging two small black marlin and a sailfish.

Off Cairns, Square Bear pulled the hooks on an angry little black marlin Friday and also raised a sail.  Tara also tells me that Steve on Hellraiser  likewise had a couple of bites from little blacks in the paddock.  Grant on Cjig also took advantage of the better weather for a trip out jigging on the shelf.  Grant says there are still a lot of Spanish about as well as mac and yellowfin tuna but they didn’t raise any marlin.

Meanwhile another Cairns local Shan took his 5.8m runabout Extreme out to enjoy the fine weather with similar results. Shan reports losing a small 20-30 kg black on near Oyster in the first five minutes after setting the teaser which broke him off by darting under the teaser.  He also had a free swimming/sunning sail of around 30kg cruising alongside just east of Pixie but it wasn’t interested in eating.

Heading North, Sydney based Little Audrey has begun its trip north for the upcoming Cairns Heavy Tackle Season. Capt. Daniel Carlson and crew are spending a few days on the Gold Coast before the journey continues.  Dan tells me on the way through they released their first GC blue marlin of the season for first time angler Tom Murray, a solid 650lb-er which was released in 15 minutes after a great jumping display!

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**Update: Joe Joe’s Capt. Tim Ryan tells me that Saltaire lost an estimated 400lb black marlin at Opal Ridge on Sunday…. there are some bigger fish around already!

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