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Photos and Touranment Report from Innisfail


I haven’t disappeared! Its just been a quieter last couple of days on the reef. Barry Alty’s Mistress started out their 2011 season yesterday from Port Douglas and went 1 from 2. Rocket tells me a 100lb-er one took a shot on the short corner red and white lazer pro but they got the tag into a second fish within 3 minutes and estimated that one about 225lbs.

Daily Digest begins tomorrow!

Final Innisfail Billfish Tournament Results and Photos
(click to enlarge with caption – thank you Ben for sending the photos!)

Overall there were 12 sailfish tagged and released and 1 black marlin.
Day 1 – 13 game fish weighed
Day 2 – 22 game fish weighed
Day 3 – 13 game fish weighed

Champion Team over 7.5m – Jim n I
Runner up Team over 7.5m – Castille III
Champion Team under 7.5m – Jimmy
Runner up Team under 7.5m – The General
Champion Skipper over 7.5m – Jim Genocchio
Champion Skipper under 7.5m – Peter Friel
Champion Deckhand over 7.5m – Wade Alleyn
Highest point scoring fish other than billfish over 7.5m – Heath Fitzgerald – 19.53kg Spanish Mackeral
Highest point scoring fish other than billfish under 7.5m – Greg Camoran – 16.40kg Spanish Mackera
Champion Angler Day 1 – Zane Pearce on Striper
Champion Angler Day 2 – Peter Friel on Jimmy
Champion Angler Day 3 – Edward Collins on Wombino

Albert Pagano Memorial Trophy (Encouragement Award) – Larry Holder
Champion CCRC Angler – Ben Heath
Champion Visiting Angler – Zane Pearce
Champion Junior Angler – Edward Collins
Runner up Junior Angler – Tyson Locke
Champion Female Angler – Kathy Genocchio
Champion Male Angler – Ben Heath
Interclub Award IGFC & CBGFC – Dave Pedley
Best Dressed Team – Chestoo

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