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Lizard Island Day 3 recap


(Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know I’m working on the resource issues so that we can get the live-blogging back onto the website. Please bear with me as its hard to organise these things from at sea! )

Day 3 Lizard Island Results

The day went from all quiet on the radio to periods of hot fishing and the hot fishing was BIG.  The first burst of activity came through at just on noon with Viking II hooking up to a 600lb fish for junior angler Connor Craven which was tagged quickly followed by a 400lb-er for Askari.  Soon after, Little Audrey tagged the first of their four fish for the day at 500lbs to Ken Klein.

Then all was quiet again before the three o’clock hot bite started and was lead off by owner Barry Alty fishing on board Mistress with a nice fish that they put at 900lbs. Then the big fish kept coming!!  700lbs for Robert Rich on Calypso, 900lbs for Andrey on Moana, 850lbs for Little Audrey, 900lbs for Mitchell on Askari and 850lbs for Tomonori Omi on Top Shot! 6 big fish in the space of an hour on the reef!! This is still the best spot in the world for giant black marlin, without a doubt!

Just when you though the day was all over, another flurry at just before cease fishing which included a double hookup for Little Audrey which were both tagged at 150lbs for owner Phil and another big fish at 800lbs for Jamie!

What a great day of action with just on 21 fish (by my records) tagged.  The standouts were Little Audrey with four tags, Top Shot with three (to be confirmed – may also have been four) and Askari with three.  Hellraiser, Spartacus and Moana each tagged two and Viking, Mistress, Calypso, Reely Black and Onsite (on the board now) each with one.

To put the leaderboard into perspective–its crowded at the top! By my results I have Little Audrey in front on 5 tags followed closely by Top Shot, Askari and Spartacus each on four, followed by Viking on three who held the lead early on Day three. With two tags each, in order, are Amokura, Kanahoee, Fascination, Hattitude, Calypso, Reely Black, Hellraiser and Moana. On one tag each are Bill Collector, Castille III, Hot Shot, Tradition, Mistress and Onsite.

Outside the comp–Down the bottom there are still a few boats fishing with Cjig joining them again on Monday, this time with Capt. Ross McCubbin on board (now that the flathead classic is over!)  Grant tells me they have been fishing Linden Bank to Opal and released a 350lb-er on Monday and followed up with a 500lb-er yesterday.

More to come as I hear…

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Anne D
October 5, 2011 at 10:53 am

You are doing a really great job Kel.

The page through Twitter works well and I am sure that everyone is most appreciative of your reports. Sure makes interesting reading especially during the afternoon hot bites.

You can only do what you can do so do not stress over it……. :)

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