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Weekend marlin fishing reports – this report was started on Sunday and you can see the updates from this monrning (Monday) in bold.

    Port Stephens

  • I had a good catch up chat to Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso this morning who’s reporting some really good fishing out of Port Stephens right now.  Tim says the water is 24 degrees with little or no current and the fact that we’ve had no floods so far this year (touch wood) means that the water is clean.  Tim caught a 100kg blue marlin 3 miles off Cabbage Tree yesterday in just 40 fathoms of water and missed another blue and striped marlin.  The day before they tagged four and the day before that, three.  So far this morning fishing they already have two stripes on the board! Update: I just heard from Capt. Tim again who’s on his way in – 5 striped marlin for the day and heading in for the early mark. Great day!
  • I also heard from Grant Morley on his boat Kahlua fishing just wide of the Car park area on Thursday who went an awesome 7-5-5. Grant says they were all striped marlin and they caught one on a skip bait as they were approaching the spot, and the rest on livies.
  • Little Audrey’s Capt. Daniel Carlson fished on a mate’s boat yesterday for a 120kg stripe from 3.  He was also on board Diversion with Garry Holt earlier in this week when James again potentially broke his own pending 3kg striped marlin record with a fish weighing in a 63.5kg. Update: I heard that James caught a 2kg pending Australian record at 62kg yesterday.
  • Sydney

  • Updated: Rob tells me that Ambition tagged a 140kg black and raised a few others while Hoodlum raised 5 small stripes but couldn’t convert and Blue Illusion got a 110kg stripe as well.
  • Port Macquarie

  • Port Macquarie’s Golden Lure Tournament is over for another year and while I don’t have the official tournament results yet, I do know that Iona 2 took out the Capture section. Day 3 was cancelled due to the weather but Day 4 went ahead and Adam says they fought an estimated 600lb blue for 3 and half hours before losing the fish right beside the boat an hour after stop fishing and more than 11 miles over the edge.  Adam reported they raised 10 blues altogether in the 4 days they fished (including Ladies/Juniors Day). Congrats to the team!
  • Gold Coast

  • Plenty of action on the Gold Coast yesterday with a few big blues still being caught and encountered. Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike says he heard of 7 or 8 fish tagged yesterday alone. Capt. Ross put Gerry from Canada onto her first marlin, a 220kg blue (485lbs) which gave her a tough 1 hour fight on 130. They also had a couple more shots on blues and caught a nice dolphin fish for dinner.
  • Conor Lynch also reported from on board Lynch Mob yesterday. They fought a big blue for an hour and a half before eventually getting it alongside for the release and put the fish at 800lbs+ with a short measurement of 10ft 8 for angler Andrew. They also caught an estimated 80kg mako ending the day with 2-2-2.
  • Vince on Barco tells me they went 1 from 1 on Friday and 1 from 3 yesterday (blue marlin). Vince also said yesterday afternoon’s fish was another definitely bigger than the Gold Coast industry average.
  • Craig Summerville’s Tsunami is likewise plugging away and added another blue in the 100kg range (220lb) yesterday and I heard that Andrew Morley’s Express tagged one as well. That’s five..!
  • Sunshine Coast

  • Only the one encounter reported from the Sunshine Coast so far with MGFC boat Akoya going 1-1-0 off Cape Moreton on Friday with a blue on a midday bite.
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