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PS Marlin Recaptures & Catchup Videos


Striped Marlin Recaptures

Darren gave me an update on the striped marlin recaptures that he reported from his top day on the Carpark on March 5 – just a reminder, it was 15 from 19 tags from his trailerboat Happy Hour.

Darren says that one of the tagged fish they recaptured on the Carpark at 33-02  had been previously tagged 10 days prior, also off Port Stephens on a lure at 32-55 – about 7 miles north.

The other tagged fish they recaptured was tagged by Ningaloo however they don’t know where from because they have not handed in their tag cards yet (me thinks he’s too busy catching fish? Hey Brad!?).

Adam (NSW DPI) also told Darren that one of his fish tagged on the Carpark was recaptured 1 week later also on the Carpark.

Video Footage – Iona 2

Rhino sent me another clip from their trip out on Tuesday with the camera crew from Fishing Addiction on Tuesday when Tahnee got 3 tags while Mark Berg tagged one and even the camera man got in on the action with another (5 from 8 all up).  I’ve never seen the show (sorry Mark – no cable TV here!) but I understand the idea is that he surprises a fishing enthusiast with a trip out fishing, and this time Tahnee Pike was the lucky angler.

This is Rhino’s footage from the day (warning, its 9 minutes long! I don’t know how he does it!)

Also, from Sheleft HD Recording Eyewear, Tyrone sent me some footage that was filmed on his HD recording sunglasses on board Hot Shot (although the Youtube output is not HD at these dimensions – click to view on YouTube to select dimensions for HD) during the 2011 Giant Marlin Season.

And the boys from Larva Lures have also put together another clip from their 3 from 3 blue marlin on the weekend off the Gold Coast. I love the footage of the fish being tagged with the screen inset of the tag going into and underwater and into the fish. I think we need another camerman on board with us!

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