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Weekend Heads Up

  • Still little blacks at Port although they are illusive and not necessarily where they were the day before in the same numbers. Andy tells me that Freedom added another 2 yesterday and Diversion another 1. Good luck to all competing in the Lake Mac BFB!
  • Day 1 of the Sunny Coast Classic and President Brent Higgins reports Keneka is in the lead from Incoming. Brent expects today to be a higher point scoring day now that they know where the fish are. But will they still be there? ;-)
  • Blue marlins still off the Goldy. Vince on Barco reports a 4-3-2 in some pretty ordinary conditions. Still covering a lot of water but coming home with the goods!
  • Photo from Neil and crew off NEMO ventured out of Sydney (Botany Bay) during the recent Botany Bay GFC Shootout (25 Jan – pre-Bill Heyward comp) of their striped marlin. Skipper: Harry Miriklis / Angler: Neil Dawson / Crew: Eddie / Postie & Tane. Neil says it was a tough day’s fishing with just the three marlin tagged and released amongst 12 boats as well as 1 tiger shark captured (Sniper – Approx 300 Kg). Hartattack tagged two marlin and Nemo tagged one. Thanks Neil for the report!

nemo striped marlin

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