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More fish arriving – Cairns Marlin Season 2013


black marlin on Kalira

Another day and some more action on the reef. It most definitely sounds like more fish are moving in – lets hope it continues.

Capt. Ashley Wallis on Kalira started his season out of Cairns yesterday. And his first bite(s) was a doozy. Double header of two solid fish both released that he put at 500 and 750lbs. I took this shot above of the 750 out the back of the boat shortly before release. Update: I just heard from Capt. Haydon Bell on Release who tells me he let a nice one go in the middle yesterday. Hayden says they have been picking away at fish over the past week or so, but it was nice to catch a big one yesterday and he missed another one in the Middle there as well.

Capt. Damien Collete on Saitaire likewise kicked his season into gear releasing a solid fish that he put at 700lb for his first time marlin angler, South Australian farmer Michael Allen, wide of Opal Ridge. Damien reports they had a bit of fun with the yellowfin the day before but topped it off yesterday with the marlin as well as a solid wahoo. They also raised another fish about the 250lb mark. Nearby Capt. Laurie Wright at the wheel on Paulette released one that Laurie put at 500lbs.

On KEKOA, Kevin managed to snag himself a great 40th birthday present with his first marlin, a 300lb black, one of a double header also on Opal Ridge yesterday (photo below). On the southern side at Jenny Louise, Capt. Peter Kirkby on Fisalot released a small one and saw another as well.

kekoa black marlin

Meanwhile up the top, Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition says that he saw four fish yesterday on Number 10 Ribbon and were able to hook up and release another nice fish for Lydie on the 50lb that he put at 400lbs.

A few catch up reports from the previous day. I heard from Capt. Russell Caphorn on Kaizen who tells me that they started their season with 3 fish on the first day. What a way to start. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any more details than that. And I also heard that Capt. Bobby Jones on Iceman has been having some fun with the GT population up off Cooktown and also released a 400lb black on Thursday.

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