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Mooloolaba Billfish Bash and SEQ Blues


More SEQ blues around with Capt. Ross McCubbin reporting another two off the Gold Coast on Reel Busy yesterday. Ross said that the fish were 300 and 350bs respectively with the second being a first blue for angler Chris Tough.

29 November to 1 December

The report in full below with thanks to the club and Albert and Pauline Threadingham. Click the more link to read in full!

“The Forecast was not good for the weekend, however at the briefing on the night before start fishing, it was considered that there were sufficient windows to have a crack and it was left with the Skippers to make their own minds up on how much and when they would participate.

In total there were 45 registered anglers, including 6 lady anglers and 5 junior boys, all of whom would fish in 11 boats ranging from 5 meters to 15.5 meters – all were keen, but sceptical on how much fishing they would get in.

Day 1 early morning weather forecast was for rain, low visibility and a strong wind warning for winds to rise to 30 knots from the SE by midday. Rain had occurred from early morning and with this outlook the 11 teams took to the fray to see what could be accomplished in these conditions.

It seemed for a while that the stronger winds had not arrived, but neither had the fish…. there were few strikes as most boats tried to get a blue marlin tag and release for good scores and block out the light tackle scorers.

By mid morning radio sked, it looked like neither would happen. But then at midday, when the winds were strengthening, right on forecast, two Boats, Luna and Reel Action hooked up not far apart in time and position on their blue marlin targets and Conner Lynch on Luna was able to get his fish of about 150kg on 37 kg tackle tagged, while Junior Angler Trent Rooney on Reel Action took a bit longer with his estimated weight of 150kg blue marlin on 37 kg Tackle.    Trent eventually also had his fish tagged a 1hour and 35 minute fight in rough seas.  A really great job by a junior angler and excellent boat handling on Reel Action in anything but good conditions.

Most Boats were heading for Home after the initial wind increase and the two successful boats were that much further out with a lot more waves to cross before making Port. At the 1600 whistle it was just these two to make port for customary gear checks, dry clothes and some warming refreshments.

Day 2 was a much brighter outlook with the rain having cleared…but the wind was decreasing a little as forecast and 3 boats gingerly tried for a small burst on light tackle to see if the leading boats could be toppled…just 3 light tackle billfish could do the trick and anglers are as optimistic as any other sportsperson.

Their hopes were high when Take Time had a double strike, however they turned out to be two undersized yellowfin tuna which were returned to their habitat. The other two boats that ventured out were Kona 1 and Dunno of 5m length with a lady Angler that fished both days!

These were the only Strikes in mid morning and the wind was on the rise again as forecast. By  mid afternoon all 3 boats were in port again and the scores remained from Day 1.

The final score 10-8-8 …. not that impressive but other fish were seen that may have been counted in better conditions.

While there was not a lot of fishing action, no one could deny that the experience was one to remember; broken gear, damaged boats and equipment and dented pride, but the memory will probably last for enough time — to most likely never be repeated. No doubt there were extra seamanship skills learned which will be very handy on much better weekends in future!”

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