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Exmouth Gamex Results 2014 and Little Blacks on the Sunshine Coast


Exmouth has wrapped up its biggest couple of weeks of the year with the final day fishing of Gamex. Anglers adding another 96 billfish tags on the final day (76 black marlin, 7 blue marlin, 2 stripes and 11 sailfish). This has to be the best tournament result in Australian waters in….. Does anyone know of anything comparable? I know the Exmouth committee are interested in hearing of other events with similar outstanding results…if you have some information to share, please let me know and I’ll pass it along.

That makes the final results for 6 days fishing (62 boats, 6 days fishing) – billfish only:

GAMEX 2014: Raised – 1619, Hooked – 1133, Tags – 601

Combine that with the awesome results from the AIBT the week before (40 boats, 3 days fishing):
AIBT 214: Raised – 780, Hooked – 575, Tags – 303

Total by anglers in 9 days over two tournaments (billfish only):
Total: Raised – 2399, Hooked – 1708, Tagged – 904

That averages out to 100 billfish tagged a day for 9 days of fishing! The vast majority of which were black marlin.

On the final day, there were also another 2 pending World Records for Connie Taylor on 1 & 2kg. This giving her 1, 2 & 3kg Line Class World Records. Also some other great fish weighed in. I’m sure there will be more details to come and a full list of winner, but in the meantime thanks to Scott again for passing these great stats in Jeni’s absence.

Sunshine Coast Blacks

Quick report from Robert Smiths’ Smithy’s Fishing Charters on the Sunshine Coast from a few recent good days on the little black marlin and its good to hear that there are still plenty being caught now all the way down the coast to Port.

On Tuesday they started the day mackerel fishing, then went reef fishing for three hours doing pretty well, then did four hours of marlin fishing from 11am-3pm for 5-5-5 (4 blacks and a sail).  A couple of weeks before that they caught 6 for Ed Martin (who is 89 years young) and his mate Danny.  Then they added another for Ed out again on Wednesday.



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