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Small blacks already off Fraser Island


I had a report from Paul Rosman who fished on his boat Release with son James north of Rooney’s Point on Fraser Island at the end of July and reports that the micro/juvie blacks have already made it down that far.

While chasing Spanish mackerel they encountered a small black which was attacking the teasers for several minutes but ignored any lure presented back to its face.

They also hooked up on another, but unfortunately it jumped off close to the boat!

Friends fishing the flats south of Rooney’s have also had several sightings with one managing to hook (and lose) one on a small soft plastic. All fish were small only 900mm to 1 metre short length.

Paul says that this is the earliest he can remember numbers of small blacks inside the bay.

Anyone else seeing them down that way?  It seems like you guys have all the weather down there for this weekend while in ‘sunny North Queensland’ it’s not (sunny that is — strong wind and rain).

Back over in WA, Blue Lightning‘s Capt. Chad Mills is continuing to encounter marlin every week off Dampier and trips to the Montebello Islands.  Leah tells me that they caught another black marlin for John on the last trip when they too encountered the windy stuff.  Blowing 35 knots they waited for it to subside before making it out for just 1.5 hours in choppy seas as the sun was going down!

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