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Cairns Marlin Season 2014: Angler Interview, Gary Carter


Every angler comes to Cairns for a reason. Whether it be to tick off that bucket list item (grander anyone?), on the record hunt, or just because, well let’s face it, it’s Cairns. Anyone who enjoys big game marlin fishing wants to fish here and many anglers do just that, year after year.

Light Tackle Angling Maestro Gary Carter

Gary Carter is very well known in the angling world. He (and wife Sherrell both) are light tackle specialists and fish all over the world.  To that end they have their own boat Silver-rod-O – you may have heard of it…!

These are some images from my own personal archive of Gary in action on the Gold Coast fishing with us chasing the 4, 8, 12 and 16lb blue marlin records, several years ago now. (Don’t mind Jimbo’s head, he is very tall! ;-)) Navigate through the images (4).

Can you give us a brief description of your angling history?
I’ve always loved fishing, but especially enjoyed pursuing gamefish on light tackle during the past twelve years. (I think Gary is being a bit modest! Want to know more about Gary and wife Sherrell’s fishing adventures? Marlin magazine did a feature on the fishy couple earlier this year.)

When was the last time the you fished in Cairns?
October 2007.. with Luke (Capt. Luke Fallon on the first 47″ KEKOA).

What was your best memory of any Cairns trip to date?
The night with Luke that we had the right 16lb line class fish within gaffing range, under the spreader lights in a calm sea…unfortunately, the wire kinked and broke (after a fight of close to 7 hours!)

What are your hopes for your trip to Cairns this year?
To get that 16lb fish….and see my good friend, Tom Teague, catch his first black marlin.

When can we expect to see you here this and how long are you staying who are you fishing with?
I’ll be fishing November 12 – 18 with Capt. Laurie Wright.

The Cairns season is almost upon us and it’s my job to get you all excited about that and looking forward to your daily dose of big marlin fishing reports!

For that reason I’m running a series of a 5 question interviews with anglers, skippers and crew who will be fishing the Cairns season in some way or another in 2014. Don’t forget there is still some availability (while perhaps not these exact dates still, this will give you an idea). You can contact members of the fleet directly through the BMFB Boat Directory.

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