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WA, more Cairns video, central to SEQ


As Blue Lightning’s Montebello season draws to a close, some more good fishing as the boat made its way south to Exmouth. The boys spent much of their time diving (crays!) and marlin fishing which paid off with a juvenile black marlin for Scotty, a blue marlin each for Jay and Justin, a striped marlin for Johnny, and for decky Jake who got in on the action too with his very first Blue marlin! (photos above)

Meanwhile as more of the Cairns fleet head south, Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey is heading into the Gold Coast notching up 2 from 6 blue marlin straight lining past Fraser Island for 14 year old angler Johnny.  Following behind, Glanville Heydenrych’s charge Happy Hooker went 6 from 6 (!) black marlin up to 80kg. Glanville says they have been running lures while traveling and got 1 about 80kg just south of Cairns, one on light tackle off Townville, then yesterday had a good day off Lady Musgrave and Fraser with 3 blacks heavy tackle all around 80kg and 1 at the spit on light tackle, totaling so far to 6 from 6!

I also had an email from Wayne Thomsen who fished yesterday with George from Reelax on the Team Garmin boat for a 4-3-2 on small black marlin off Point Lookout. Plenty of fun out there!

And some videos:

Our KEKOA crewman Kelly “Millsy” Mills has put together our first 2014 Cairns season recap video, with plenty of action and plenty more video action to come (below):

KEKOA Heavy Tackle 2014 from kelly mills on Vimeo.

And, Chris Thirkettle sent me a couple of clips from Viking, Run, Lady Marlin and Bluefin trailer boats from the Gold Coast Club fishing the Herbert Bay Fraser Island comp. Chris says the blue and black marlin were hot, and weather was perfect. The Viking crew were a little leader happy and Run boys hadn’t even got the riggers out before they had a blue marlin hookup!

Looks like they were having a fair bit of fun there!

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