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A little bit of everything, Eden Open, striped marlin, blue marlin, video (blue marlin) and free online mag!

Eden Open

Joel Ryan sent me a quick report from what he tells me was a great weekend at the Eden open. 37 boats entered with 48 marlin tagged as well as 7 yellowfin. The marlin were mostly stripes with some blacks mixed in. Congrats to Hardararit who won overall, and Whitewash for taking out thee Sunday shootout and winning the trailer boat section

Images from Joel on board Shake N Bake.

Hot at Jervis Bay

From Al McGlashan who spent the weekend hunting returning to Sydney Monday when he heard there were fish at JB. He drove straight down after dropping off the kids, arriving at 11:30pm and fished the next day going 4 from 6 on big stripes all 100kg plus…and then drove back to Sydney that night for meeting the next day. As Al says, keen or stupid! (But great fishing!)
Al McGlashan

More from Sydney

A couple of photos from Monday fishing out of Sydney Game fishing club with Karen and Glenn wright on their boat Tantrum (previous report). They raised 5 fish for the day and tagged a 180kg blue, a 130kg blue and a very large stripe (though as Daniel tells me the photo does not do it justice. They called at 130-140kg).  All the fish were caught on Nick Durham’s Tantrum Lures.
Tantrum Lures

Exmouth: Peak’s Hot 2015 Season

Eddy sent me this video link which is his 2015 blue marlin heavy tackle season roundup.  What an awesome season they’ve had…and its not over yet!

Some news from the newsstand

If you haven’t seen FishLife Magazine then do yourself a favour and check it out as it is now totally FREE to view online via all platforms. If you like what you see online and want a hard copy, printed versions are available at all good Aussie newsagents or via subscription.

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