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Queensland marlin weekend: north and south



More juvie reports with Marlin Coast Sport Fishing’s Peter Macrae reporting 2 from 4 little blacks yesterday on board his boat Lateralus.  Peter said with the wind finally falling below 20kts in Cairns for the weekend and some local clients on board for an afternoon marlin fish, they caught the two off the corner of Oyster after putting the lines in after lunch. Not bad for a half day fishing!

And with the juvie season really starting to kick off, just a reminder that I’m not running marlin hugging shots on the blog as of January 1 this year so pic at top one of my own shots from another day / another Cairns juvie :-)


The Gold Coast as the destination that just keeps giving – and just keeps producing the blue marlin. The Caelli’s  First Priority released two on Saturday and Ben says both were caught on custom Larva’s and that he heard of a few more fish out there with some boats encountering stripes as well.

Mat Stehmans’ Murphy’s Law also went 3-3-1 with a nice solid blue around the 300lb mark. Mat also says that in those 3 shots was a stripe which tried to eat every lure twice but unfortunately didn’t hook up. He also noted a few more stripes that normal around as a couple of boats got shots from them – while only one boat got one.

Mat also said that it was one calmest days he’s seen on the ocean. Sounds terrible ;-)

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