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Townsville Billfish Challenge Day 3, Yorkey’s Knob LTS/AIBT Day 2


Well that’s the last time I predict a improve in the fishing once the wind swings around :-)

Mike Carney Townsville Billfish Challenge Day 3

The fish were much more scarce on Day 3 with big lulls in tag reports and only 7 fish tagged among the 24 boats for the day.  After two days in town, Capt. Brad Craft’s Castille III wasted no time in catching up to the fleet reporting two early black marlin tags for angler Eddie Shi.  And while Emma Kate were also able to add a tag on Day 3, the bulk of the leaderboard remains unchanged.

Warren Clark’s Cool Change remain at the front with 4 tags from Emma Kate with 3. At the front of a pack of boats with two tags a peice is Kiama, KEKOA, OB1 and Castille with Silverback and Clippertee both adding tags on Day 3 to join this group as well.  Reef Rain and Blue Illusion are on one tag a peice.

In the small boat category Trophy remains in front also with two tags from Annie B, Slayer and Hardline who also tagged yesterday to get on the board.

Fishing ends today.

Yorkeys Knob Light Tackle Slam / AIBT 2015 Day 2

Another great relay from Paul Poulter on Think Big (thanks Paul!) for the results of Day 2 fishing with 5 tags reported for the day.  Paul tells me the tags came in as follows – Savella 08.15 marlin, Seaduca 9.30 marlin, Think Big 10.30 marlin, Reel Dream 10.40 marlin and Wild Turkey  13.24 sail.

That keeps Wild Turkey in the lead with two tags ahead of the rest of the boats with one although I think there will be a big boat/small boat division there as well.

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