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Big marlin season countdown


Happy Monday and the big marlin season countdown begins. More of the fleet have arrived in Cairns and tackle other last minute preparations have begun!  I have a few boats looking for crew and vice versa, crew looking for boats as well and so if you are either, please get in touch.

Capt. Casey Dent’s Zulu hit Linden Bank yesterday for a little big black that he put at 120lbs.  (If you’re been following the feed, you’ll know that Iona 2 have already recorded a couple of early season big fish at 500 and 650lbs last week!)

Among others still on-route north is Capt. Danial Carlson’s Little Audrey (who incidentally are adding a new mothership to the stable, Lady Audrey soon, congrats to Phil and Vicki!) who released a blue marlin heading past Lady Musgrave.

Meanwhile over in WA, as usual the team on board Capt. Chad Mills’ Blue Lightning had been enjoying the reef fishing when a free jumping sail caught their attention. Soon after guests lines were in, and Paul got his very first sailfish followed soon after with a first for Hayzy as well. Photo at top!

Meanwhile south off Exmouth, the Exmouth GFC Masters Tournament has just wrapped up (for anglers 55+).  The two day fishing event was won by the team on board Azura who with Peak SF’s Capt. Eddy Lawler on board with a 7-6-4 black marlin and 2-2-2 sailfish.

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