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NQ blacks (blues) and sails


Capt. Dan McCarthy’s Moana III has been doing some holiday work out of the “Rock” (Lizard Island) and before returning to Cairns yesterday reported still the odd marlin around including a 300lb blue and 300lb black. I also heard via Ray off an encounter of a big black off (wide of) Innisfail/Mission Beach a couple of days ago – one of two raised including a smaller fish. There are still a few around.

Meanwhile in the same area, Andrew Tivey had a friend Warren Raisin visiting from Brisbane over the New Year and got out in the little pocket rocket Hook-In for a bit of light tackle fun on Saturday fishing wide from Finn to Hope reefs along with son Ryan.

Warren started his New Year (and billfish career!) with a stonker sail that Andrew called for a 100lber! He followed it up later in the day with another smaller sail [pictured] also found him a nice mackeral and dollie as well. Ryan also had his first day on the leader and had a ball wrestling some feisty sailfish. Andrew said that he didn’t have to do much at all except drive clear the lines and laugh at Warren Squealing ;-)

Cairns regular on the blog fishing out of her boat Think Big Sharon Poulter made the local news today with a potential record dolphin fish. Congrats Sharon!

And down out of the Whitsunday’s Marlene Hicks sent through the pic below of the first fish for 2016 on board Topless, a nice little black caught in the islands on the 2nd of January. It was a first billfish for angler Andrea Hulands – congrats Andrea – as well as the first female angler/decky combo onboard Topless though surely not the last!


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