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They’re starting to show, they’re still here



North Queensland has been awaiting the news that the little black marlin have arrived.. well here it is.  Mark Parkinson’s Black Label fished last Monday with good friends from NT, Trish and Leigh Wright. Mark said the water was a little green but they found a clean patch and raised 7 fish and going 2-2-2. He said the fish weren’t quite in biting mood and that they also went 1-0-0 on sailfish.

Gold Coast

And how good is the Gold Coast fishery?  Outside the weekend comp, Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot has still be plugging away on the fish, and great quality ones amongst them.  He went 1 from 1 with a fish around 500lbs on Saturday and followed up with a 1 from 3 on Sunday, unfortunately dropping one that he put at 850lbs+!

Port Stephens

Luke Bell fished Port Stephens on Saturday and there are still fish about down there as well. They went 2 from 4 (a black and a stripe) with the black having been previously tagged (waiting to find out the data).


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