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Gold Coast never stops


Another weekend of decent weather has put the Gold Coast at the forefront of weekend marlin reports once again.

While the bigger boats were in the mix – Barry Alty’s Mistress tagged two blues on Saturday, Mufasa with one from one, and Vince & Jeff Wregg’s Barco going 2 from 6 (!) yesterday – there were also a couple of more solo blues in the trailer boats reported.

David Granville put his new Bonito 560 Gotimon II to the solo test releasing the boat’s first solo blue within the first hour of fishing (Friday – watch the video below).  And Jesse Hill got the pick of the weather on Sunday to notch up his first ever solo blue in his boat Reel Teaser. Jesse said he had his hands full getting the fish to the boat, still pretty green, within 5 minutes. He had a chance at another two fish as well. Congrats Jesse on your first – great effort!

As Jeff (Barco) tells me they have had 17 marlin bites in their last 3 trips.  The Gold Coast is still on fire! (although being blues can be most frustrating fish – Jesse tells me a boat-who-shall-go-unnamed went 0 from 5 yesterday!)

Some great shots from on board Barco at top and below the video.


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