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Late season Fraser action & Exmouth annual trip


It’s almost a tradition for the Chaos team to hit Fraser at this time of year as they have done again this year splitting time on the blues offshore and blacks in close. Jay gave me a tally of their first two trips (back there again today) which are:
– 9 blues, 1 stripe, 5 blacks for the first stint.
– 7 blacks and 2 DQ’s for the second.

The blacks were mostly caught on 4kg, with a couple on 6kg. The blues and stripe were on 80lb.

Video to come!

Exmouth annual trip

John Aston is fresh back from an annual trip to Exmouth and said they enjoyed fantastic with hot days, calm seas with lots of black marlin being caught by charters and visitors alike.  John wanted to share the great photo above taken by partner Pippa from their 7m Haines before she planted the tag-a feisty little black on a Richter Oscar, John’s go-to short corner lure for about 10 seasons now.

Great shot Pippa!

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