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Aussie black marlin takes the lead in IGFA Marlin Race


With the 2015/16 race drawing to a close, a black marlin tag from last year’s Lizard Island tournament has popped and catapulted the Aussie black marlin into the lead!

Sponsored by Peter Teakle and tagged on Capt. Bill Billson’s Viking II, the estimated 700lb fish has traveled an massive 4,393 nautical miles in the 240 days since it was deployed.  This track is now the third largest ever in the race’s history (although I have to add myself that the LI tags this year had a 240 day deployment cycle over the previous usual 180 days so you would expect them to swim further.)

Although the track data has not been uploaded yet, the tag popped at a location up near the equator (near Kiribati?) where a lot of the tags have popped in the past. Anyone want to go fishing?


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