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People travel 1000s of miles for blue marlin fishing like this


While it’s been a relatively quiet winter on the marlin fishing front, and on the blog, one area continues to shine. And with the almost-heat-wave winter weather we’ve had this past week, it’s no surprise that is shining again!

Fraser Island. Blue marlin. Match made!

While in previous weeks (when the water temp was cooler) it was the juvnile blacks that were keeping the crew from the Sunshine Coast GFC amused, yesterday it was the blue marlin with a day’s fishing that many can just hope for!

After a morning spent reef fishing on Col and Kylie Hombsch’s Reel Action, with Jay Graham and Neville Martens, switched over and put the lures out about 11am. Only 15 minutes later they were onto their first fish with the action continuing for the rest of the day and finishing up with a 9-8-5 blue marlin. (Two to Kylie, two to Jay and 1 to Neville.)

Jay tells me the water temp was a good 3 degrees above what they were seeing a few weeks ago.  Besides the 9 they raised on the lures they also had a couple more swimming around while fighting fish.  And a few decent size ones with three that Jay said would have been 400lbs or bigger and two around that 220lb range.

They are fishing again today and tomorrow and joined by David McMaster’s Pole Dancer again as well so we look forward to hearing how they go!

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