NQ Juvenile Black Marlin

While the weather hasn’t been exactly perfect for it, a few more reports of the juvies showing up in NQ have filtered in in the past week.

Capt. Ross Finlayson’s Top Shot has been finding a few among the mackerel. Ross says last week they went 1 from 2 before following up with 1 from 4 on Tuesday.  There’s a lot of mackerel around but still not too much bait. They also had a bite out of a tiny sail yesterday that Ross said would have been about 8kg.

Cairns Bluewater GFC juniors Savannah and Ella Woolcott, fishing on Saamayzen went 5-5-4 over two days last weekend (and again plenty of mackerel) between 10 and 20kg including two (one for each of the girls) out of three of a triple header with only three on board!