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Australia Day on the water


Mooloolaba GFC Club Captain Jamie Behrens tells me that the blacks have gone a little quiet though are still around. They had a frustrating day on his boat Takkachee with just the one tag of a black marlin for young PJ Bennett. Other Mooloolaba club boats that tagged fish were Wrack Off who tagged two for young Ethan again as well as Knot workin’and Ymer with one each.

Jamies also reports junior Mikayla Jongejan also had tought battle with an est 350-400lb black which she fought for 3.1/2 hours on 8kg on Big Unit.

Likewise for the Sunshine Coast GFC fleet.  Jay Graham’s Chaos recorded a 3-2-1 light tackle and 1-1-1 heavy tackle (blue).  Will Marten’s Oatie went 10-10-3 and rubber hooks syndrome. Beat got anther black to junior Ben, Never Home and Raise A Bill also tagged a black a piece. And Joel Gutteridge also went 3-3-2 in his 30ft Kevlacat.

And a catch up update from Serkan Alan who has traded up his 3000 Kevlacat Reel Addiction for a 40ft Blackwatch, Black Listed and reports their first billie last Tuesday 1 from 2 off caught by Serkan. They were also out yesterday and after a very slow start to the day but Captain Selcuk put them onto a sail just off Moreton caught by Gregg Wilson. The fish was released very healthy to fight another day!

Gold Coast reports are not in yet but you may have seen that Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot released a blue (heavy) and a black and wahoo on Tuesday.

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