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Weekend Coffs Coast


Rick O’Ferrall report the most sublime 4 days of weather on the Coffs Coast and the best Easter weather he’s ever seen on the NSW north coast for a decade.

The water was perfect, but water pretty empty.

They were hit by a nice 150kg blue in 1200 fathoms around midday on Saturday, and angler John Stafford got it in nicely and they had it tagged 10 minutes later.

But it was almost a double! After the first fish hooked up on the shotgun, Rick thinks they must have pulled the long rigger lure out of the mouth of a second big marlin (at least double the size of the one we hooked first) that was apparently planning a stealth hit, and which they never saw obviously startling her when they gunned the boat. She took off, powering past the boat at about 30 knots only a few meters away tricking them to think it was the fish they’d hooked that had doubled back and overtook them, but that fish stayed out behind the boat, and it was only then that they realised that they’d just missed a double on a very big fish!

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